Jason Martin Sensei

Jason Martin Sensei
Chief instructor and founder of Chester County Kokikai dojo

Jason Martin Sensei began his training 20 years ago directly under Sensei Shuji Maruyama, at Kokikai-Ryu Aikido's World Headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. He has taught both beginner and advanced adult classes since 2001.

Over the years he developed his skill with intense training and tutelage under Todd Kupper Sensei, 5th degree (go-dan), an instructor at the Northeast dojo.

He currently holds the rank of 4th degree black belt (yon-dan). He is also an instructor and lifetime member at the Northeast dojo, which is the U.S. hombu dojo.

Chris Vinciguerro

Chris Vinciguerro
Instructor at Chester County Kokikai dojo

Chris Vinciguerro began his training under Jim Obrien through an adult continuing education community program. After his introduction to Kokikai sessions had ended, he continued his training by joining the Northeast dojo, which is the U.S. hombu dojo. He continues to practice at the Northeast under the instructors - Jason Martin, Todd Kupper, Butch Parilo, Jim Obrien, and Glenn Needs.

He currently holds the rank of 3rd degree black belt (san-dan).

Kokikai Aikido

Kokikai Aikido is a martial art, concerned with effective self-defense technique and realization of our full potential power in all the activities of daily life.


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