People are drawn to Aikido for a variety of different reasons. Over the course of training you begin to work on your posture and develop the secret power hidden in Aikido’s circular movements and One Point training. Aikido practice teaches you how to relax progressively and use simplicity to achieve the most out of your training and your life. Whether you are looking for self-defense, reducing your everyday stress or building self-confidence and inner peace, Aikido can do wonders for you. You develop the mental strength to get out of your head and enjoy yourself when you practice Aikido, and you will notice these positive things happening naturally as your practice develops. When you think about it below the surface everyone wants to move their body freely and feel good about themselves. If you are interested in learning the art of Aikido here are a few ways that Aikido has helped me.

1. You develop a sense of purpose and live by it. Having a hobby that you enjoy in life is the healthiest and most practical thing you can do for yourself. Self-defense training can help you to develop skills that will benefit you throughout your entire lifetime. Having a sense of purpose and thinking deeply about why you do the things you do can enhance your life in a very meaningful way.
2. Let go of your daily stress and take your mind off your problems for a while. Aikido is a system of self-defense that teaches you to stay light on your feet. Once you learn to stay relaxed under pressure, you can take that lesson out into the real world and apply it to your daily life.
3. People who practice Aikido are healthy and work on their fitness. Aikido trains your body and mind in limitless ways that can benefit you for many years into the future. Martial arts keep you feeling and looking younger as you develop a strong and flexible body and a strong and flexible mind.
4. Aikido does not judge or discriminate. If you want to learn about Aikido you can start training at any age. The people who are dedicated to the art of Aikido practice the principles day in and day out. There are absolutely no limits on age when it comes to training in the martial arts. The Chester County Kokikai Aikido community is very welcoming and friendly to anybody who walks into the dojo. I invite you to come and check out a class and see for yourself.
5. You can build up good self-esteem and confidence in your abilities. When you do something consistently and form good habits, you start to have more confidence about yourself. Through the power of good habits you develop a sense of accomplishment, and the longer you train the better you feel about yourself. Having a strong sense of confidence in your ability is one of the many reasons why I stick around and enjoy training so much.
6. You can learn more about yourself by improving your self-awareness. Greater awareness of your self and your surroundings is a tool that can help you anywhere you go. When you are able to respect yourself you will be able to respect others in your social environment too. Knowing who you are has a lot to do with letting go of your past and being more present in the moment. When you become more aware of yourself, you develop the feeling of having good self-respect and increased self-awareness.
7. Learn how to achieve better focus and concentration. Being in the moment and moving naturally takes time to develop. Aikido techniques are not difficult to learn. When you are beginner there is a learning curve when it comes to technique. Nevertheless, if you are determined to put in a good effort to learn the techniques you will notice that you are able to focus better in other areas of your life.